Engine Repair

We provides all type of car's Engine Repairing .

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Wheel Alignment

We provides all type of car's Wheel Alignment.

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Fluid Exchanges

We provides one the best Fluid Exchange in car.

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Repair Services

  • Car Service Check Tool
  • Oil filter Wrench/Removal tool
  • Spark Plug removal tool
  • Socket Set
  • Car Jack
  • Antifreeze Tester
  • Oil Catch Plan

  • What oil for my car
  • Fully synthetic engine oil
  • Semi synthetic engine oil
  • Traditional mineral based engine oil
  • Fully synthetic engine oil is essentially artificially made. It's purpose is to last longer than conventional oil before the components break down. Another advantage is that fully synthetic oils withstand higher and lower temperatures better than convention engine oils by retaining it's original structure in extremes, therefore reducing engine wear. The disadvantage with fully synthetic engine oil is it is significantly more expensive than semi synthetic and traditional engine oils. Semi synthetic engine oil is a combination of fully synthetic and traditional engine oil. Semi synthetic offer many of the advantages of fully synthetic but at a lower cost. Traditional engine oil in the original mineral based engine oil that has been refined.

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    Which engine oil should I use

    As a general guide, a typical modern family car will run just fine on semi synthetic engine oil. High performance engines are better suited to fully synthetic engine oils.

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    We're committed to being 100% transparent about all our car services vehicle repairs. Our qualified vehicle mechanics will explain exactly what they've learned about your car, so you've got the information to decide what you want to do from there. We even guarantee all our work for a minimum of 6 months or 10,000 kms.

    Additional maintenance

    When changing the spark plugs, check the leads for any sign of deterioration. A good set of leads should last for well over 10 years. Timing and cam belts should be checked for signs of wear and tear. These belts don't usually need changing with each service although renewing them regularly will decrease the risk of engine damage..

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